Transport and Distribution of goods

We are a company with extensive experience in the distribution of goods. We offer fast and efficient distribution of your goods. REXPA, S.A. is specialized in the distribution of goods with direct service throughout Catalonia, both parcels and palletised goods.

At national level, we distribute your goods through our collaborators on the peninsula.

Goods distribution service


Our own fleet of trucks, in continuous renewal, is composed of a range of vehicles with differnet capacities and payloads in order to provide a more effective response to our customers and thus be able to respond to the needs that each type of service requires, both in parcel tranport as in palletized goods. 

  • Vans.
  • Light vehicles.
  • Heavy vehicles.
  • Vehicles with lifting platform.

Special services 

  • We have vehicles equipped with a lifting platform to offer the service to deliveries that require it.
  • Peculiar deliveries: unpacking, location in hard-to-reach places, machinery, etc. The specialized team of professionals in charge of these deliveries has years of experience in serving top-level companies whose goods require a special service (forklifts, elevator companies, machinery, etc.).
  • Full load services: we handle your shipments using vehicles intended exclusively for the delivery of your good for full loads, fairs, etc.


If you wish to outsource your company's logistics to a logistics operator, Rexpa S.A. you will find integral logistics services.

The facilities we have are conditioned to store your goods and their subsequent distribution. We have our own warehouses with modern handling equipment, computerized stock control and a staff of highly specialized collaborators who are responsible for locating and controlling the storage of your products for as long as you deem necessary.

We take are of the entire logistics chain for your goods:

  • Reception and control of goods: loading, unloading, identification, location and entry into stock.
  • Storage: computerized control of stock and inventories.
  • Handling of goods and preparation of orders: labelling, documentation and picking.
  • Final distribution of your orders and products.
  • Control and monitoring of expeditions.
  • Management of returns.

International plataform

Outsourced international logistics services.

We offer solutions to international transport companies that require outsourcing their logistics in Spain

To offer the above services we have a long experience, the result of our collaboration with prestigious international transport companies (Holland, Italy, France and Lithuania, among others). Contact us if you need the freight transport service in Spain.

Logistics services:

  • Receipt of goods of any type: whether they are delivered directly to our warehouses by the customer or collected by us from their suppliers.
  • Loading and unloading operations.
  • Special manipulations.
  • Management of returns.
  • Storage.
  • Distribution.
  • Collections with prior customer request.
  • Documentation and shipment management.
  • Delivery management.
  • Emergency downloads.
  • Consolidation of loads.


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