Freight transport service 

Rexpa S.A. is a road freight company that offers integral logistics and transport services. 

We are a company with a long history in the sector.

Highly prestigious transport, storage and distribution company 

We specialize in the transport, storage and distribution of goods. We have the necessary infrastructure and experience to satisfy our customers.

We have our own and adequate transport fleet with qualified personnel capable of doing any task successfully.

We are backed by more than three decades in the freight transport service. In addition, we have an extensive client portfolio that grows day by day, due to the seriousness, speed and flexibility of the services we offer.

In 2012, our company celebrated its 25th anniversary

We offer freight transport service in Spain

Rexpa S.A. was founded more than 35 years ago by Mr. Manuel Lora, accompanied by others professionals in the transport sector, with the aim of offering door-to-door parcel delivery services in Catalonia

Years later, in 1987, he continued his journey alone, giving rise to the current company Rexpa S.A., and gradually expanded the business, based on dedication and a lot of effort.

Since its creation, our company has continuously invested to expand and improve its facilities, transforming itself into an agile and solid firm, the result of many years of experience working in the freight transport service in Spain.

It is currently run by his descendants and has an infrastructure that allows us to adapt to the particular needs of our customers. Our goal has always been to offer a good service to the users, recognize their needs and translate them into solutions with personalized and close treatment.

From this website we want to send our thanks to all customers, employees, collaborators and, in general, to those who have trusted us all this time. All of them have encouraged us and helped us to grow, contributing to the fact that we have completed more than 35 years in the sector.

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